I’m writing a personal note to you from my kitchen. As I was doing so, it dawned on me that the kitchen plays a role in what I want to talk with you about (but I’ll get to that in just a moment)...

As you’re reading this, I’m operating on the premise that you would sincerely like to substantially improve your income.

In fact, you’re probably sitting in one of three camps:

Camp #1: You have a big idea – a real potential money-earner – but you’ve no idea how to get it off the ground.
Camp #2: You’ve already begun to put your big idea into action – you might have built an entire business around it – but you’re ready to rev it up several notches and really get the income moving.
Camp #3: You don’t even believe that you can THINK of a big idea to increase your income. (Rest assured: I lived in this camp for years until the right person with the right mindset stimulated me. I’ve had nothing but big ideas since.)

Right now, I’m writing you this personal note from my kitchen, and I’m doing so for a reason.

Believe it or not, MY kitchen has a lot in common with how YOU want to create new income for yourself this year.

In fact, it has EVERYTHING to do with why you want to sign up NOW for more information about the Matrixx. The kitchen offers a completely open and creative environment to you – this is where elements of different natures and kind come together to create absolute magic. Think about it:

The first soufflé HAD to have been an accident, and flourless cake … well, that doesn’t make much sense either … but their individual elements uniquely work together to create something really remarkable. In much the same way, The Bob Proctor Matrixx brings entirely different and unexpected elements of THINKING together to help you take ideas and turn them into sources of income. (And you’ve heard me say it on several occasions – wealthy people have multiple sources of income.)


Here’s how I created the "recipe" for the Matrixx to help you get your big idea really cooking:

Matrixx recipe item #1: Me working with you for 6 full days.

In virtually EVERY seminar I do, people come up to me saying, “How do you do this? How did you do that? So many people want to DO many of the things I’m doing; they want to know how I put it all in place.

A couple years ago, the Idea came to me that I should be teaching people exactly this. It was time to teach people what I do to succeed... how I create multiple sources of income on an annual basis... how I’ve learned to snatch an idea from the ether and ACT, even if I wasn’t quite sure which of my actions would lead to success. (I always teach that you don’t have to know HOW, you just have to know WHY, but people still stop dead in their tracks because they really don’t understand how this process works. I’ll get you past this hesitation, once and for all.)

Immediately the Idea of helping you set up sources of income the way I do appealed to me. I knew that by putting this idea into motion, I’d be spending more time with people LIKE me – business-minded entrepreneurs and thinkers who are ready to create real change. So, I decided to offer my focused attention, mentoring, teaching and one-on-one time for SIX full days to a small, select group of people.

Our next Matrixx event is in Toronto, December 7 - 12, 2014 I want you to be here – but only if you’re really ready to make serious strides in creating a new or greater source of income THIS year. And here’s your chance to register! Just click to complete this short form to get more information.

I knew immediately that this Matrixx recipe was going to work because it’s all about our minds coming together in the same place and time...

It has been over 50 years since I first sought out mentoring. Once I was immersed in that one-on-one learning, I was amazed at how quickly my mindset and results changed. At first I couldn’t put a finger on why this mentoring worked at such an accelerated rate until I realized that the in-person connection was key. Not only are we creating a conscious connection, the physical proximity makes it stick.

It’s much like climbing a high elevation mountain – when you first start the trek, you struggle to keep up, to put one foot in front of the other. But as the days unfold, you begin to acclimate to this higher elevation because you’re tuning into its frequency at a physical, mental and spiritual level. In the same way, as we begin to work together in close proximity, our minds will be inextricably drawn to each other until we end up meeting on the same frequency, the same vibration. Unconsciously, you’ll come to know what I’m thinking even before I say it because you’re so tuned in at the physical, mental and spiritual levels (and, oh my, that’s when things really start cooking).


Matrixx recipe item #2: Experts in every field of business to help you.

Everyone needs a team; no one knows enough on their own to do anything of any consequence on their own. You have to have connections and, if your head (a.k.a. your MIND) is screwed on right, you can develop a powerful team that will take you anywhere.

I’ve developed a LOT of connections over the last 43 years. In fact, I’ve had the great privilege to make lasting connections with real giants in particular areas of business and they are largely responsible for the success I’ve enjoyed. Whether you need a better mousetrap, a business plan, financial plan, marketing strategy, Internet or web site help, copywriting, graphic design, employee hiring plans or better systems all around, these are the people who lift and support my business around the world. Now, they’re here for YOU to provide the same expertise and genius strategies to YOUR business. Knowing these individuals can save you years of time trying to find the right people to accelerate your business successfully.

Initially, they explain what they do. Then, it’s your decision as to whom you’d like to sit and visit with. If you choose to employ them, to bring them into your team, you have my blessings. Like I said, I want you to do what I do – these are the people who deliver giant results because they, themselves, are giants in their respective industries. You have the opportunity to schedule meetings with my Inner Circle of experts – but you have to give us your name quickly on this short form first!


Matrixx recipe item #3: Fellow attendees (wow)

Then, when the six days of your Matrixx is up, that’s not when the Matrixx ends … it’s where it begins.

See, we knew we had a pretty good working recipe for business entrepreneurs with The Bob Proctor Matrixx, but we found that it gets downright interesting when the attendees WITHIN the Matrixx begin to network and mastermind together. Each day, we have global masterminds happening everywhere – business entrepreneurs helping each other, supporting each other, sharing resources, and creating even bigger results through the law of Mastermind.

I always tell people that when the flow of Spirit really gets moving, I’m never surprised but I’m always AMAZED... and you’d be AMAZED at the stories that come out of The Matrixx. See some of our testimonials here...


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So, to review the initial recipe, the Toronto Matrixx, December 7 - 12, 2014 offers:

  • Me in more exclusive one-on-one time and small-group teaching for 6 days.
  • My own personal business experts helping you immediately.
  • A circle of fellow business entrepreneurs who are connected in one Mind and Spirit to offer more help and additional resources for your success (over years, not just that week).

But then I decided to add a personal touch... I'm inviting you over for dinner in my kitchen!

I’ve always found that big ideas grow even bigger when they’re discussed and mulled over in a relaxed setting that’s completely separate of a conference room or boardroom. In fact, many of the best ideas I’ve created have come from sitting at my kitchen table, doodling and brainstorming and looking out the window. It happens right here in my kitchen. So, I decided to invite this October’s Matrixx group to my house for an evening of socializing, enjoying dinner and hanging out in the kitchen. I know you’re going to see magic happen that evening.

This is your year for big business ... RIGHT?

I know you want to learn more about the Matrixx. After all, THIS is supposed to be THE year, isn’t it? ... it’s the year you’re planning to launch new levels of income, right? That’s what the Matrixx is all about – I’m continually adding new sources of income. And remember … the Matrixx is entirely designed for you to learn to do … what I do.

Keep in mind – I have been studying this material for over 50 years now, and I began teaching it 44 years ago. (Odds are that was before you were born!) When you do the same thing for that many years … even if you’re a little slow ... you’re going to get really good at it.

I’m really good at this.

I’ve become very good at working closely with people to multiply their income.

I’ve personally helped thousands and thousands of people.

Now it’s your turn.

Don’t even ask anyone what you should do about this. You know what you should do. In fact, why don’t you make plans right now? Picture yourself sitting down in my kitchen here at the table with me to talk about your big idea. Let’s put wheels under it and get it moving. Fill out the form and let’s get you registered and a seat at my kitchen table ... with me right across from you!